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A Cajun scoundrel and gentleman thief with the proverbial heart of gold. As a ghost (almost literally) from Ororo's past, Remy's arrival at the mansion stirred up a hornet's nest, while his continued presence has half the team convinced he's Up to No Good. He's helped the X-Men a time or two (and usually at Ro's request), but he stops just shy of actively seeking to join the team. A free spirit at heart, the idea of settling down and committing to something is usually more than he'll entertain... but recent violations of mutant rights are causing Remy to rethink his position.

Remy's best friend is Ororo Munroe. They were also lovers once upon a time. His relationship with Kurt is therefore somewhat strained. He has an ongoing pranking rivalry with Psylocke. His next door neighbor is Lorna Dane. The two have struck up a friendship, much to Alex's dismay.

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